Garden Guidelines

Fruit/Vegetable Garden Specifications

Garden Plots less than eighty square feet (ie: 9x9, 8x10, 4x20) in an area for the purpose of growing food, such as fruits or vegetables, (“Garden Plots”), are permitted, but they must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to placement through a Lot Improvement Request and meet the following criteria[1]:

-  Garden Plots must be maintained to be aesthetically pleasing.  Such examples of maintenance include removal of excess debris, prevention of overgrowth, removal of dead plants and prevention of rotting vegetables and fruits

-  Garden Plots shall be placed as inconspicuously as possible, and such plots must be placed out of view of any street

-  Garden Plots shall not be placed within five feet of common areas, and Garden Plots visible from common areas shall be placed adjacent to trees or other approved landscaping so they do not stand in isolation

-  Fencing to protect against wildlife is permitted so long as it is wood or metal. The only metal fencing permitted are shorter versions of fencing listed in Covenants and Restrictions Section 5.10. or individual areas not to exceed 4 square feet with “chicken wire”.  Fencing color must blend with the existing landscaping (black, dark green, dark blue, etc.) and shall not exceed 24 inches

-  No compost piles are allowed on any portion of the property.  However, aesthetically pleasing compost bins may be permitted if approved through a Lot Improvement Request


[1] Homeowners with existing gardens are asked to consider voluntarily adopting these guidelines where possible.